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Taylor Joins “The Grand Seduction”

Taylor Kitsch is to play a hunky doctor in The Grand Seduction.

The Battleship star and The Guard’s Brendan Gleeson have both signed up to star in a remake of the 2003 French film Le Grande Seduction, Variety reported.

The film tells the story of a small harbour town which needs a resident doctor so it can land a contract to have a factory built in the town, benefiting all the residents.

Harry Potter star Brendan will play a village resident who finds the doctor and then encourages the whole town to join in attempts to seduce him into staying. It is assumed Taylor will play said physician.

The film will be directed by Canadian actor and director Don McKellar.

Filming is already under way in St John’s, Newfoundland.


Taylor Talks John Carter

With the movie releasing March 9, just two months away, Taylor’s started doing a lot of press surrounding it. Recently he talked to Screenrant about the movie and why people should go see it.

“There’s a lot. I keep saying that the great white ape scene is worth the price of admission alone. Visually it’s going to be incredible. I think they’ll like the characters; they’re going to be able to relate. It’s not just a special effects movie with things blowing up and basically one guy that you don’t care about. You care about John Carter and you care about his journey. You see an incredible arc of who he is, his new beginning and rebirth, and although you have special effects, you’ve also got the brilliant actors whom I’ve had the fortune of working opposite as well.

“… [Also] I’m telling you, [the Martian dog] Woola will steal this movie… He’s loud and awkward, like a puppy in a sense. If anyone has an animal or has had an animal growing up, they know that there are so many things that you do with an animal that you don’t do in a relationship with another human. Eventually, John lets his guard down quite a bit and I love that because it makes those moments with Woola quite great.”

You can read the entire interview at the source.

Wolverine articles

With X-Men Origins: Wolverine being released in US cinemas tomorrow, there has been a lot of news coverage. I actually saw the movie at the cinema yesterday and really loved it. It’s fun, it’s action-packed and features cool cameos, including Taylor’s as Gambit who got some of the biggest crowd reactions. Now I’m ready for a Gambit spin-off. lol

Taylor Kitsch puts muscle to good use in ‘Wolverine’
Taylor Kitsch was way ahead of his “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” co-stars in one way: He didn’t have to go through a lengthy exercise regimen to build the strength to play superhero Gambit.

The actor already was in good physical shape. Kitsch, 28, was on his way to a career in professional hockey when he injured his knee. Add that to his role on the NBC series series “Friday Night Lights” as a football player.

So, Kitsch spent his prep time playing cards.

Ladies Love Tim Riggins, but What About Gambit?
“I think gals want to help him … and a lot of guys just want to be him,” said Taylor Kitsch, the 28-year-old actor who plays heartthrob football fullback Tim Riggins on NBC’s Friday Night Lights. Mr. Kitsch was calling just a few hours before walking the red carpet for the world premiere of fanboy-frenzy-inducing X-Men Origins: Wolverine—he plays super-mutant Remy LeBeau/Gambit—but he was speaking to The Observer about his television character’s broad (ha!) appeal. “It’s incredibly flattering,” he said. Oh, but Mr. Kitsch, you just have no idea! New York women are agog!

Wolverine news

Taylor is set to attend the premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine tomorrow!

Stars due Monday for film’s Tempe premiere

Hugh Jackman and other celebrities will sink their claws into Tempe Monday.

Tempe’s Harkins Tempe Marketplace, 2000 E. Rio Salado Parkway, will host the premiere of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” thanks to a first-of-its kind contest in which fans from various locales got to compete for hosting privileges by voting for their zip codes online. Tempe’s 85281 beat out every other locale in the country.

The evening will start with a 5 p.m. red-carpet affair. Jackman and co-stars Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Will i Am and director Gavin Hood will attend.

The main theater, dubbed the Cine Capri, will host the 7 p.m. screening with all the celebs, but all 16 theaters in the building will show the film at the same time.

There’s no charge to go to the Marketplace for the red carpet. Lines will begin forming at 5 a.m. Monday. (source)

Wolverine Cast Talks Piracy, On-Set Stabbings

(…) Hood gathered with Wolverine star/producer Hugh Jackman and cast members Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, Will.I.Am, Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins on The Simpsons soundstage to discuss the latest addition to the X-Men franchise.

Jackman took center stage, sharing a behind-the-scenes story of an adamantium malfunction that stopped filming for a while and left another cast member bleeding.

The mishap occurred while filming a dust-up between Jackman’s Wolverine and Kitsch’s Gambit.

“We were in a fight scene,” Jackman said, “and Taylor reeled back quickly and someone called, ‘Cut!’ I looked down at my claws and there were only two left. I looked over at Taylor and it was sticking out of his thumb. He was just looking at it.”

“Those were some good memories,” Taylor joked. “He stabbed me and I bled — a lot.” (…) (source)

Nylon scans & article

Taylor is featured in the May issue of Nylon. Pictures have been added to the gallery. You can view the entire issue online at here. His feature appears on page 97.
Also, in case you hadn’t seen them, I’ve added screencaps from the season finale of Friday Night Lights a couple of days ago.

Gallery Link
// Nylon – May 2009
// Friday Night Lights – 3.13 – Tomorrow Blues Screencaps

Here’s a transcript of the Nylon article. Looks like Taylor got his first tattoo.

Any Given Friday
TAYLOR KITSCH IS not feeling like himself these days. The 28-year-old actor can be seen this month as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and he’s best known for his role as dreamy but tortured football player Tim Riggins on NBC’s hit drama Friday Night Lights. It’s a part that calls for a very specific physicality (ripped), hairdo (long, in his eyes), and mood (brooding). And yet on a bright spring morning in Austin, Texas, Kitsch shows up at an outdoor coffee spot looking like an emaciated tourist in a long-sleeved black T-shirt and skullcap, a camera slung around his neck. In the past six weeks, Kitsch has dropped a staggering 30 pounds in preparation for his role as tortured photojournalist Kevin Carter in the upcoming film The Bang Bang Club. “This morning I had slices of pineapple and a couple things of melon and coffee,” he says. “Later I’ll run like 13 miles and then more coffee. I make this vegetable soup that’s really good…but I’m over it.” Continue reading

FNL, Women’s Health & Vanity Fair interview

Screencaps from last night’s Friday Night Lights episode have been uploaded along with a scan of the April issue of Women’s Health thanks to Ha and Sally!!! Also online are stunning outtakes from this shoot. Remember to register to view those pictures!

Oh and I got the new layout online yesterday. I’m sure you guys noticed the change.

Gallery Link
// Friday Night Lights – 3.10 – The Giving Tree
// Women’s Health – April 2009 (scanned by Ha)
// Women’s Health – Photoshoot

Due to popular demand, has posted another interview with Taylor.

Friday Night Lights: Taylor Kitsch Milks the Clock
by Marnie Hanel

Earlier this month we interviewed Taylor Kitsch, who plays flowing-haired fullback Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights. The ne’er-do-well’s Q&A went straight to our most-popular list, leading us to believe that VF Daily has considerably more football fans than we originally thought. This week we revisit the town Lothario with a second cut of the interview. Catch a new episode of F.N.L. tonight.

VF Daily: Wow, you have a strong Canadian accent. Was it difficult for you to master the Texas drawl?

Taylor Kitsch: I’ve had to do accents a lot and it’s something I take extremely seriously. I had dialect training even before I went to Austin to shoot the pilot. I’m thankful to have it to play this kid. Having that Texas accent pulls you right into the character.

Did you read for any of the other F.N.L. roles?

I read for Jason Street, but I really wanted to play Riggins. Weeks later, they called me back to read for Riggins. And, well, we kind of hit that one out of the park. I can’t imagine the cast any other way. Everyone has found their niche. Continue reading

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